Fix the problem that telegram cannot download files?

Telegram has successfully attracted the attention of competitors in the ocean of many choices. What’s amazing about it is the 2 GB file transfer limit. There is no better application on the market.
However, the user has=“ ” target=”_ Self “rel=” noopener “>telegram I am very satisfied, but I still face some challenges in downloading content. Of course, I will show you how to solve these problems later in this tutorial. However, before analyzing the causes of the problems, we will first archive the common problems that cannot be downloaded, so as to better solve your problems.

1 . One of the most common reasons is the power saving mode. When this mode is enabled on the mobile phone, the app application will no longer run in the background. Therefore, when minimized, the download will stop.
2 . Another important part is that if the Internet connection is unstable, file downloading will be interrupted or stopped.
3 . When the hard disk is full, telegram will ask you to download the files you want. So don’t forget to confirm the file size. In addition, space is available on the hard disk.
4 . This can also happen if a local Internet service provider blocks the use of similar sites, such as telegram. In this case, you need to contact your ISP for further guidance.
5 . Although rare, the settings of the telegraph app application may change automatically. This may prevent you from downloading files from telegram.
Generally speaking, these are the basic causes of file download problems. Now continue to repair it.
How to fix the file download problem of telegram
I believe this is the most difficult part to find the cause of the problem. If you’re good at that, half the work is done. I wrote down all the possible reasons; Now is the time to solve these reasons and change to repair.
The following is how to repair incomplete downloads in the telegram:
1. check your Internet connection
 check your Internet connection
Unstable Internet connections are a typical cause of this problem. Therefore, it is recommended to check the Internet connection first. If a vulnerability is found, try to fix it or wait for it to be fixed.
However, the complete file cannot be downloaded. Please make the following repairs.
2. turn off power saving mode
As mentioned above, APP applications are generally not allowed to run in the background in power saving or power saving mode. This is why telegram cannot complete the download process.
To turn off the power saving mode, perform the following steps:
1 . Proceed to equipment installation.
2 . Scroll down a little and enter the battery performance.
3 . Click power options at the top.
4 . Click the power saving mode and close button.
 turn off power saving mode
Now restart your device and try downloading anything from telegram. I hope it will work.
3. customize battery optimization mode
If you do not want to close the battery saver, you can choose another method. Easily exclude telegram from battery optimization mode. Therefore, power saving does not hinder the operation and downloading of telegram.
To change the battery optimization mode, perform the following steps:
1 . Go to mobile settings.
2 . Navigate to the installed app application.
3 . Locate the telegram from the list.
4 . Click battery to optimize battery usage.
5 . Select and view all app application boxes, and then close the telegram from the list.
 telegram battery not optimized
Upon completion, you have successfully excluded the telegram from battery optimization mode.
4. set the connection settings to default
However, if the telegram is unable to complete the file download, the connection settings may be critical. In some cases, it will change automatically, resulting in download problems.
To set the connection as the default, perform the following steps:
1 . Send a telegram before installation.
2 . Click Advanced.
3 . Verify that the connection type is the default type (using TCP). Located at the top of the telegram window under networks and agents
4 . Then close and restart the app application. Now check whether the problem still exists
5. make sure your hard drive is not full

Although you often start downloading files, the storage space is full. In this case, the download will not complete; Instead, it stops in the middle.
We recommend that you first check the file size to download. Next, check the storage or hard disk capacity of the device. If both are normal, continue. Otherwise, remove unnecessary things to make room. If you think it is appropriate, I will download it.
6. update the telegraph application
If there is a problem with the application itself when downloading, you can solve this problem by updating the telegram. To do this, follow the instructions below.
Here are the steps to update the telegram on your device:
Go to the play store. Or select download the version that suits you
Enter the telegram in the search field. It will show if any updates are pending or available.
Click Update to download the latest version of the telegram.
 update telegraph application
This is how you can update the telegram and resolve your problem.
Last thought
In short, incomplete file downloading is a very easy problem to solve. Most users don’t face it. But victims can fix their problems in the way I showed above. In addition, these strategies have been tested and validated. Therefore, there is no doubt that these steps can be followed. But if you find anything difficult to handle, please let me know.
I wish you a happy life!