Telegraph gets custom notification sounds, message translation, and other features

Telegram has recently updated many new features.
Telegram has the functions of customizing the notification sound, customizing the mute duration, and a new auto delete menu in the configuration file.
As early as 2021, India became telegram is the largest market, and its installation volume accounts for 22% of its lifetime installation volume.
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The popular messaging application Telegraph has received a large number of updates. WhatsApp competitors’ features include custom notification sound, custom mute duration, new auto delete menu in configuration file, Web integration of BOT, reply in forwarded message, improved message translation on IOS, improved picture in picture on Android and more.
As early as 2021, India has become the largest market for telegram, and its installation volume accounts for 22% of its lifetime installation volume. Telegram has existed since 2013, but only after WhatsApp’s puzzling policies began to work did it show exponential growth. Many users who know nothing about WhatsApp’s new terms of service and privacy policy have downloaded telegram for fear of privacy infringement.
The following are the upcoming features of telegram.
custom notification sound

Telegraph now allows users to turn any sound into a notification tone, whether it is a short audio file or a voice message. Users can also create custom alerts from any music or meme.
“The voice added to the notification sound list can be assigned to any chat. The tone currently supports audio files and voice messages up to 300 kb in less than 5 seconds,” the company said.

customize mute duration
previously, telegram had the function of temporarily silencing chat for 8 hours or 2 days. The latest updates will allow users to mute notifications for specific periods of time, such as naps or extended holidays.
auto delete menu in configuration file
As the name suggests, the new feature will allow users to automatically delete any chat to make the conversation more confidential or less chaotic. The user can set the running time of the automatic deletion function. They can enable flexible timer settings, such as 2 days, 3 weeks, 4 months, etc., to automatically delete any chat.
reply in forwarding message
telegram users can now view a preview of replies when forwarding messages to other chats. Users can also choose to hide the sender’s name or media title to forward messages more anonymously.
message translation on IOS
the latest update has brought a lot of improvements to the translation function on IOS. Telegram has added support for Ukrainian and other languages. The company said: “the in app translation function of IOS device telegram has been expanded to support higher quality translation of more languages (such as Ukrainian). Now it can translate the same language as Android applications.”