How to fix the problem that telegram cannot download files?

Telegraph is one of the most popular messaging applications for downloading movies, web series, and other videos. From telegram application downloads a file, sometimes you may have noticed that the download does not work.
 fix the problem that telegram cannot download files
When you minimize the telegraph application on your phone, it stops downloading files in the background. Many users face this problem. In this tutorial, we shared why this problem occurred and how to fix it on mobile phones (Android and iphone/ios).
why does telegram stop downloading files
the most common reason for this problem is the power saving mode of the mobile phone. When power saving mode is active, it prevents the application from running in the background, which is why the telegraph application stops downloading files when you minimize them.
repair the problem that telegram does not download files

To solve this problem, you can turn off the power saving mode of your phone. Simply slide down from the top of the screen to open the quick setup menu and turn off power save / power save mode.
Another way to solve this problem is to exclude the telegraph application from the battery optimization mode of Android phones. You can do this——
1. open settings on your Android phone and go to the application > Telegram.
2. now click battery options, and then click optimize battery usage.
3. on the next page, you will see a list of applications. Enable display of all applications and find telegraph applications from the list.
4. close the button next to the telegraph application to exclude it from the battery optimization mode. this is it.
 delete telegram app from battery optimization mode
After that, whenever you download any files from telegram, even if you minimize the application, it will not stop.
download the telegram file using the download manager

You can also use the normal download manager on your phone to download the telegram file. You must generate a download link for the file. For this task, you can use an automated robot on the telegraph. This step-by-step guide will show you how to do this
1. open telegram on your mobile phone, search “getpubliclinkbot ” and join.
 add getpubliclinkurl to the telegram
2. now go to the channel / group that contains the file you want to download. Select the file and forward it to the channel you have joined.
3. you will receive a reply from the robot. Click the generate recoverable link option.
4. after that, you will receive another reply with a link to download the file. Just click it and open it using any browser on your phone. It will automatically start downloading files.
 download the telegram file using the download manager
With this approach, you no longer rely on the telegraph application, so even if you minimize or close it, the download continues in the background. Therefore, you can use these methods to fix the problem of downloading telegram files on iPhone or Android devices.